Ángel Beccassino, Creative Nation, Miami / Senior Global Strategist

There are few remarkable men who are the true embodiment of the renaissance man. Angel is that man and then some. A perpetual humanist and traveler, he is constantly exploring through all of his senses whatever needs to be found, conquered, explained or simply enjoyed. Yet what is most fantastic about Angel are not his jaw-dropping simplistic views and effective solutions to complex geopolitical, marketing, economic, communication and philosophical matters, but the characteristic lack of pretense and humbleness about him.

A prolific and diverse author with hundreds of published books to his credit, he is a consummate photographer and musician extraordinaire with a special gift for artfully solving crisis management situations, as many international governments, industrial and banking conglomerates can attest. Perhaps an acquired knack from his journalistic days when he covered the war in Lebanon. Angel seldom creates ad campaigns but cultural movements that echo deep into the consumer's attitudinal way of life. He is an Argentinian from Croatian descent who has made Colombia his base and the whole world his home.
(Jack Sassoon, www.creativenationadagency.com)